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LOUD Radio Mix 52

May 22, 2022 Sheedfarra Season 4
LOUD Radio
LOUD Radio Mix 52
Show Notes

Slap sessionšŸ”„ Playing a few favorites with some new hits as well.  New interview drops this Wednesday!

Social Media: @loudradiopodcast @sheedfarra

Music By:
A1Freshh- Backbone

SOTDman- Like da Nolia

Jayare Simelton- All You

P. Tae- She My Opp

A.C. the Ruler- S.O.T.W.

Quierra Imani- Let Me Show You

Tay2Cold- Effortless

Ra Wil- Drippin

Sheedfarra ft D.Mayo- Picture me Rollin

7Teen- How I Feel

BlkShaggy- Run My Money